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1977 Mopeds Racing – Episode 93


2009 PoliniUSA Cup – 2 stroke racing just stepped its game up…. from Harold Smith on Vimeo.

I got an email this past week from Graham, talking about how he and a friend were streaming moped and scooter racing on the on the internet. Anything with a tech bent always catches my eye so I started to look into what they were doing. They were using Mogulus a very reliable video streaming and archiving service that adds chat to the stream. It is one of the streaming platforms, like Stickam that seems to always get good reviews. But when I saw the high qualify moped racing video that Graham and Harold had put up on Vimeo, I was convinced. I needed to talk with these guys.

There are a few die-hard moped riders here in Richmond and even though I have a 50cc bike myself, I have always thought of them as under powered. The PoliniUSA Cup races feature mopeds and other bikes including scooters that have been modified, mostly with Polini aftermarket parts. These things scream! Listen to the podcast with Harold, then look for the streaming video at mopedracing or poliniusa the first weekend of each month starting in May. Don’t miss the kitted pocket bike races featuring little spitfires packing 4bhp. They do the knee-sliding like the superbikes do.

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Episode 53 – Vespadition Scooter Ride 30,000 Miles

vespadition2.gif vespadition.gif

SHOWNOTES: I took time yesterday to get out and ride my new Vespa GTS. It was the longest ride I have taken in months. I guess that means that my life has settled down a bit, work has become more manageable and I even have more time to spend with Marcel at home, although I have been in the garage a lot, not her usual hangout.
On the podcast I am always saying “email me, give me ideas, tell me what you think?” Well, apparently some of you really do think I mean what I say. As a result I got a recent email from Roy from the Greater Vancouver Vespa Riders. He wrote to tell me about their rally coming up in June 27-29 happening at Golden Ears Provincial Park something I considered trying to make, but later I found out that we are going to be there early in June. In addition to the rally, Roy pointed out that a fellow named Peter was planning a 30,000 mile scooter trip across the US and Canada and suggested I talk with him.
There are a lot of people on the web posing and proposing to do all kinds of things. If you’re like me, you probably get all kinds of emails suggesting donating to one cause or another, or even more blatantly, just asking you to send money. I have talked about several good causes in the past, like Alix’s PEACE Scooter ride and Scooter Relief, but have been reluctant to tout others for fear of suggesting support for something that really was a scam. With Vespadition I did what any good blogger would do, I Googled the hell out of it and looked at everything that was written in the forums. Some might say “why is a guy who blindly bought a scooter off Craig’s list, from a stranger so questioning?” I thought maybe that maybe my luck was going to run out, but then I remembered something Peter Moore said to me several weeks ago, “I think the default is that most people are good” and after my speaking with Matua, I think he is right. Make sure you listen to this week’s show and interview.
On another note, for those of you who have asked, I am still waiting on my new Icon Armor to arrive. I reorder, because the first supplier put everything on backorder. Yesterday I got a FedEx notice that it was shipped and scheduled for delivery this week. In the mean time, several emails suggested other products such as a ReVit Jacket which Carlos says doesn’t have the same sag in the armor that my Firstgear does. The brand looks very good, although a bit pricey and they have a whole line of riding gear including rain wear and mesh.
I want to note that the blogger from Heinz and Frenchie in SoFlo the congratulated me on my new GTS. In a comment he said “We agree with you that one falls in love with the beauty of the Vespa. There is nothing like it. We shopped for many months and anguished over buying another brand to save money as we were buying two scooters. But every time we saw a Vespa we drooled over it. So we decided that if we purchased anything else we would always wish we had a Vespa. We are very happy with ours.” It got me thinking that maybe I need to be considering an appropriate name for her.
A caller from England told me he is making a pilgrimage to the Italy hoping for a vintage find. Many of you may know that Italy has been trying to get most vintage Vespas off the road for a number of years. They have been offering owners money for taking them out of service. This means you don’t see many older Vespas. I know from my own hunting over there, that the desirable scoots, like the GS and 180ss, are hard to come by and are more expensive than the smaller daily riders. When I return in the fall, I plan on visiting Peter Moore’s friend Marco Quaretta, who has a shop in Livorno. Marco’s email use to be waspmaster@libero.it

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Episode 40 – Is Scooting Dangerous


SHOWNOTES: On the last show I talked allot about the scooter groups and forums on the web. As a source of information they are fantastic and if you follow them with any regularity you start to get to know the people posting. I mentioned that they operate much like a social community and as a result, you hear about all kinds of things. This past week some of the posts referred to past scooter accidents and injuries and I began to think back to a post by Steve Williams that I had breezed over. Steve had made a reference to how pilots dont talk about crashes and I thought about how I have never really talked about scooters and risk and what I think about every time I take off out of the garage. Read more