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Scooting Back into Your Life

If I were Catholic I would be saying, forgive me father, it has been four weeks since my last post. For those of you waiting for the disparaging words of self loathing and apologies, forget it. The fact is, I have a busy life and the best I have been able to do is store up the scraps of notes I have been making in anticipation of a soon to come barrage of insights, reflections and clever anecdotal scooter stories. All I can say is you’ll have to be the judge of that.

One point of interest in my life has been the travel I have been doing over the past few months. I have been out to Denver, where on my way to check out the new Ducati Streetfighter

Ducati Streetfighter

I stumbled upon a basement motorcycle museum that contains almost every vintage Italian motor bike I have ever lusted after. While driving down Market Street I caught a glimpse of a 90cc MV Agusta out of the corner of my eye. Since Market Street is one way, I circled back around the block and pulled up beside a fully restored masterpiece. Next to the bike sat a small sign pointing to a basement entrance of a warehouse that is Vintage Motos It houses hundreds of original and restored motorcycles, including Ducati, Giliera, Italjet, Motoguzzi, Parillia bikes and more. Most are under 250cc. What makes this such a find is that in order to do a quality restoration, one the best reference points is having access to an original specimen and at Vintage Moto, they have one of just about every 50s or 60s Italian bike imported. They even have a few rare scooters, like the 1956 Rumi Formuchino (Little Ant).

MV Agusta

So here’s my returning gift to you, a new place to check when trying to source parts or a place to go to get a first hand view of what a real Italian import survivor look like. For a small fee, you can ogle, touch (if you talk nice to the owner), speak Vintage Italian and take lots of detailed pictures. Check out all my pictures from the museum  HERE.

Stay tuned for a new podcast and a recap of my recent visit to Seattle and a return to my roots in the Pacific Northwest.

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Ducati Moped Restoration Update

Yes it looks pretty good, but it won’t start. You might remember that I began this restoration over a year ago. Tonight I went back and looked at the pictures I took before starting and I wondered how I ever thought it would be possible to bring this thing back to life. I am a persistent twit and haven’t given up and I won’t. The spark is weak, so my next move will be trying to locate a new stator. My repair of the old one was a little dodgy, as it looked salvageable, but may not have been. Enjoy the all the before and after pictures here and in the photo album. I will let you know more about bring it alive as soon as I track down some new electrics.

A Scooter Week with Clinics and a Motor Rebuild – Episode 75


SHOW NOTES: This has been a busy scooter week. In the past week we have had an automatic scooter workshop at Scootrichmond, I spent time rebuilding the 50cc motor for my 1965 Ducati and on top of all that, I was trying to keep up with the Cannonball scooter run, which wrapped up this past Saturday.
The workshop was an all day affair last weekend, with the two scooter techs from Scootrichmond. The content was similar to last year’s Modern Vespa workshop done by the west coast gang, but with more explanation about how automatic scooters work.

This past weekend I spent whole day on Saturday reassembling an engine I took apart over a year ago. You have probably heard the recommendation, document everything as you take it apart. For once I had followed the recommendation. I found a parts catalogue on eBay and along with digital pictures of the disassembly and the carefully labeled bags of parts it went smoothly. Next comes the start test, which I will get to that in the next few weeks. I need to build an engine stand, so that will put me a little behind in getting on to the next task which is reassembling the frame and suspension.

We have the big Indian Summer Rally coming up here in Richmond on October 24 – 26. Our friend Dave Munn has a video up condensing last year’s activities into a four minute scootergasm. Hope this will convince you to make your way to Richmond. You can register online at the Seven Hills Scooter Club site.

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Weekend Scooter Cleanup

Weather here in Richmond has been uncomfortably hot. This means getting out early to take care of all those chores. Since selling our 2002  Mini Cooper, I have been meaning to organize my tinkering space, the garage, and this weekend I finally got to it. The problem with cleaning up is that I always run into more projects and in this case I was reminded when I ran across the neatly organized parts from my Ducati Falcon. I am pleased to say that I am back on track with the project and the frame is at the powder coater. Next comes chrome and paint. It has only been a year since I started, not bad for amateur restorer.