Changing Travel Plans

amerivespa2009On the heels of deciding we would move to Northern Virginia I have been flooded with reconsidering a whole series of decisions including canceling plans to get to Amerivespa 2009. I am hoping that next year I will be settled and can make the trip to where ever it is been held.

Several friends have asked “how are you going to get all your scooter toys to Washington DC?” So far no one has taken the next step to say, “I can take care of a few scoots if you aren’t going to have room”

At the moment I am not worring about that. ScootRichmond is working on my Ducati moped and my 180ss. Since a 1965 Ducati replacement stator is non-existant, Dave is doing his magic modifying the electrical system. I have had to go back to Henry Hogben, in Canada for a new cylinder/piston since the little bug was only pushing 50lbs on a compression test. I have been wishing that I could watch over Dave’s shoulder as he brings the little sucker to life. But for the next few weeks I still have a regular job.


  1. Lorenzo says:

    I will see you in San Antonio for the Amerivespa 2010!

  2. Dave says:

    Looking forward to getting back to San Antonio. Love the food, the music (tejano) and weather, at least before it gets really hot. Memorial Day should be a great time.

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