Scooter Tweets, Rockabilly and Mashups – Episode 90


The last couple of weeks I have been ignoring my blogging and podcasting responsibilities. Sorry. I was sick most of the week after returning from Denver and haven’t gotten back in the groove until this week. This hasn’t stopped me from scooting a bit during the brief warm weather hits that are popping up every few days. The 7 Hills Scooter Club had a delayed ride a few weeks ago after the first Sunday ride of March was rained. Although everything in the garage is running, I was a bit lazy not wanting to risk a break down, so I took the Vespa GTS out.


My favorite scooterist, Alex from Peace Scooter has posted a video on her site she is calling a minumentary. It a mini-documentary that chronicles her two years of scooting for peace. It occurred to me this week that Alex didn’t have one of today’s great social connectors when she was riding. I am talking about Twitter. Loved by some and hated by many, Twitter is an amazing tool for connecting. I use it myself, mostly when I travel. Right now there is a guy called the Twitchhiker who in just a few weeks has traveled from New Castle in England to New Zealand San Fransisco by using twitter to connect with people who help him get from one place to another. You can see all the details of his trip on his website.

I got tagged as one of the top five scooter blogs on the Go Motor Scooter website. I am not really sure this has any credibility to it, as I tend to think that reader and podcast listeners’ feedback is most valuable. It may be a bit pedantic, but shouldn’t we really be talking about the real powerhouse scooter blogs like 2-stroke buzz, Scootin Old Skool , The Scooter Scoop and Scooter in the Sticks. I have always thought of them as having an editorial credibility and an authority that I can only aspire to. But my thanks goes out to Paul, who does the site. Any link love is appreciated.

I want to comment on a post over on 2-stroke buzz, where the blog posts are usually to the factual with minnimal editorializing. But in this case a bit of editorial license was just what the scooter doctor ordered when it came to talking about Steve Guzmans’ departure from Carter Brothers and SYM. The post makes several very good points about how the power-sports industry not seem to understanding the scooter lifestyle. We are very accepting of almost anyone who comes into the community with an honest interest in scootering. One of the problems, not that I profess to know anything about Steve’s situation with SYM, but when a short-term perspective motivates what you do, you can expect the deal to go south pretty fast. Thanks to 2-stroke buzz for speaking up and we wish Steve the best in keeping up the Scooter Scoop Blog and anything else he jumps into. He is an honest, straight-up kind of guy.

Scooter Website Link
All Styles Scooters – A ton of information, including brochures,repair manuals, owners manuals, schematics and much more from a scooter parts site out of England. Focus is mostly on Vespa and Lambretta, but not just vintage bikes. They have instructions on making racing modification including barrel tuning, intakes and plenty more. The tech page seems to compliment all the parts options they offer, the kind of thing that could really get someone like me in trouble.

Music For this show

jonnybarberpromophotoDance Hall Night from Jonny Barber, an old friend of Chuck Hughes another Denver Rock-A-Billy star and also known as the Velvet Elvis. Jonny has played with numerous and is associated with the Rock-A-Billy Record Co. label. I love this music, but to get the full experience you have to see it live. Jonny is constantly on the road so make sure you check his website to catch a live show.
Mashuptown has endless remixes of known and unknown music. Six Songs Collide played on this show mashes: Jason Mraz, Howie Day, Five For Fighting, Angela Ammons, Boyzone and 3 Doors Down.

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  1. Alix B. says:

    Thanks Dave. The mini-documentary was a good start, but I would like to do more with it. I was motivated to do put that video together as a grad school submission project. I’m applying at VCU, in mass communications, emphasis multi-media journalism, so cross your fingers. We just might be scooting together come June when the program starts.

    I’m really hesitant to use Twitter. I actually despise it, no offense.
    I did use to post picture updates.

    The Twitchhiker is funny though. I love a good play on words.

    I just met a guy in D.C. at a conference. He had planned on hitchiking across the county to attend the conference, but said it was too hard. I said, “Oh, why?” He said, well, I posted on Craigs list but no one answered. I was thinking, dude, people hitch hiked way before craigs list. LOL!

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Dave says:

    Applying to VCU? Does that mean Richmond for just the summer or are you back for a while? The 7hills SC just posted the announcement for the spring rally, which will be in May.
    Twitter is a funny thing, at first I thought “this is stupid”, but when you start sending tweets and people reply, it hooks you. I don’t like the “I just ate a donut” post and some of the shine is coming off it as it gets mentioned in the mainstream media and some people start to use it to promote themselves. But when I get a spam tweet or people are posting stupid things I just block who ever from my follow-list is sending them. Does that make me a bad person…NO, I am just a discerning twitterer.
    Thanks for keeping in touch. Good to know you have thrived and made it through the winter.

  3. I watched the Peace video on Alix’s site and it was excellent. I cannot imagine doing what she did. At least not today. Her descriptions of overcoming fear, the need to approach people, and discovery of a basic kindness and willingness to help on the part of the people she met along the road was heartening. A far cry from the estranged world the media likes to describe.

    I will stay out of Montana though….*grin*

    Though Alix says she hates Twitter I think it would have been a boon in marketing and promoting her trip. I’ve wondered myself on what the value of Twitter is and started using it to find out. What I have found for me is that the ability to microblog from a cellphone on the road, or anywhere, can fill in gaps in information or expectations by the readers of a blog. For the Peace trip it would have made it easier for people to follow and engage.


    About powerhouse scooter blogs… Dave, yours is in the powerhouse category for sure. Everything a scooter rider or enthusiast could want to know can be found here directly or through mindful links to other content.

    Scooter in the Sticks is nothing like that and is more of a personal journal of a scooter rider and offers far less than you do for readers.

    Good luck on coming adventures!

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

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