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BarCamp/WordCamp Miami 2009
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This is my first post since attending Wordcamp Denver, where I was encouraged to write more about what I believe. Over and over, speakers talked about how “influence is not created by how many people you know, but by how freely you share your ideas and connect with people.” I have known for a long time that “knowledge is power” and when I was traveling a few weeks ago, this proved to be very true. It has been a day of bad weather on the east coast and my original early morning flight out of Denver on Delta was canceled. According to the ticket agent I wasn’t going to get home until midnight the next day, if I was lucky, so I should give up and come back the next day. I stood looking at hundreds of people standing in line, some yelling, others crying, most resigned to having sleep in the floor, eat crappy airport food and have their lives be miserable for the next two days.
You might say, “so what” this is air travel these days and even if it is uneventful, it sucks. But with millions of air-miles under my belt I have learned that there are a lot of secrets to traveling. First, I never believe what the ticket agent says and second I aways smile and say “yes sir/miss”. In this case I backed away and jumped on my wireless laptop and pulled out my Iphone to call Delta. The search was on for an alternative flight. Within 15 minutes I had purchased an affordable flight through Dallas/Ft Worth and began dreaming of sleeping in my own bed.
Another truth I have learned is that in many cases “those who know don’t say and those who say, don’t know”. Realizing this has made me rather intolerant of people withholding information. Although it may be revered in business as “a competitive advantage”, I think that in everyday life it becomes a way to demean others and neglect another truth I believe in, that we are all responsible for “the greatest good”.
Sitting in the airport last week, I calmly clicked to confirmed my ticket on line thinking “knowledge is power”. The Delta airline employees herd hundreds of people around, yelling, “stay in line. This is the only way to get re-booked”. As I walked away, I pulled a mother with two kids aside and said, “use you cellphone, call the Delta desk while you stand here, rebook over the  phone. You have to take care of yourself, they aren’t going to take care of you.”

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  1. Lorelle says:

    WordCamp Denver was incredible. What an amazing group of speakers and what fun. What a great lesson to learn, too. Isn’t it amazing how creative we can be when we understand that there are options instead of believing there are no choices? Good for you!

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks for the comment, Lorelle. I have found your blog on WordPress very helpful in the development of my own blog and in understanding what the platform can really do. BTW, very impressed with the little guy who presented, Dave Moyer. What a firecracker!

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