Pimped on TWIT and My New Video Venture – Episode 87


This Week in Tech (TWiT) live taping
Image by Graham Ballantyne via Flickr

Welcome to all of you coming over after hearing about SCTRCST on TWIT (This Week In Tech). John C Dvorák mentioned the pod cast and the blog after I sent him a University of Richmond Spiders hooded sweatshirt. I know a marketing opportunity when I see it.

Those of you who read the blog know I am a big fan of the scooter videos. If you look in the blog and pod cast archives, you will find links to a number of rally videos, restorations and scoot lifestyle events. this is all aleadin to say that I have finally gotten around to using my digital video recorder. My first shots were of  last week’s Richmond 7 Hills Scooter Club ride out. So as if customary on Scootercast, I am going to share with you both my successes and screw-ups. My weapon of choice is a modestly priced Aiptek HD video camera. The plan was to attach it to my helmet using heavy duty Velcro. You would be wise to use as much Velcro as will fit on the camera and the helmet. When I reviewed my test video, I had taken 6 minutes of crisp, clear video, featuring the pavement. I had calebrated the angle of the camera, without putting the helment on, so after a few Velcro adjustments I had a helmet cam which provided an interesting rendition of the ride, albeit focused a little bit right of center. The video includes clips from the meet up at Crossroad Coffee and clips from the ride I am always talking about here in Richmond, the Riverside Drive ride. What I won’t go into how much work it is to edit a video, but it’s a lot. Hope you enjoy the results.

7 Hills Scooter Club Ride 2-1-09 from Dave Mangano on Vimeo.

Music for this show comes from the Podsafe music netork and features George Thorogood, a long time purveyor of blues music and specialist on the slide guitar. He did  the scooter classic, “One bourbon, one scotch one beer”.

More George Thorogood and the Destroyers album...
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