About Scooters and More Important Things – Episode 85



Some of you know that my politics lean a bit left. At one point in my life I think my family might have worried that I was part of the weather underground. Over the years I have morphed into a passionate community organizer. This was a good week. It started with an old fashion rally at the State capital that drew more than 500 people. Later that same say, people with all kind of disabilities flooded the committee hearing and demanded a voice in determining state budget cuts. Watching it all I thought to myself, this is the right thing to do.

After all the excitement and several long days, it was good to get back home and be able to retreat to the garage. I spent most of the day Friday, fashioning a new ignition coil, but even with the extra work I get no spark. This is another caution, before you take on restoring a piece of forty year old junk, triple check the availability of parts. I figure that I have two options, I either wait and hope that a new stator emerges from some dusty shelf or I go see if Dave the mechanic can construction some form of hybrid solution.

I have been noticing a number of scooter blogs that have started up in the past year and then have gone silent. So what happened? I think I know. I get focused on other things and all of a sudden it has been a week since I have posted. The other thing I rediscover is that bloggin and pod casting is work. You have to be disciplined, organized yourself and set a schedule or it just doesn’t happen. On January 29th I will have finished two years of blogging and pod casting. Come to think of it, thats a lot of talking (writing).



  • Copart is a leading online remarketer of vehicles including scooters and motorcycles, selling more than 1 million vehicles per year.


  • A very popular scooter post this week had to do with a Portuguese craftsman Carlos Alberto who hand built a beautiful wooden Vespa


Music for this show is from the Podsafe Music Network and features The Plastic Soul Band


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  1. maxine says:

    Hey Dave,
    I really enjoy your site. Please come and visit ours.
    Scootfossils.blogspot.com. You’ll always be welcome to visit in person too!
    About the left wing stuff; my children believe I’m always chosen for the full search @airports ‘cuase of my life in the sixties.

    shiftless sister

  2. Dave says:

    Sorry for the delay in reply, I am finally getting back to comments again. Funny thing about the airport searches. I was pulled aside just this week on my way to Denver and I am such an honest looking guy. Maybe it was all the geeky electronics with a million miles of wires and cables. “I just do a little scooter podcast show” I said. He didn’t know what I was talking about.

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