Scooter Holidays and a Mid-size Scooter Test – Episode 83



For two weeks my hands were tied by the crash of my main desktop computer. I spent most of last week trying to cobble together a variety of old hardware and coax it back to life. Finally decided to take it to the computer man, who confirmed I had a dead hard drive. So, problem solved. Since then I have been building my podcasting infrastructure back up and organizing my files so I can get another show out.


Marcel got me some sweet scooter related casual wear including another hooded sweatshirt. I can never have enough sweatshirts. I bought myself a Aiptek HD video camera to shoot the scooter events around the Richmond. I chose the Aptek over the Flip video camera, a very popular platform because it takes a large flashcard and offered more features. Watch for video from the next club ride, coming up this weekend.


Steve over at the ScooterScoop blogged about an Australian video that compared mid sized scooters. I like the SYM Fiddle.  There aren’t many scooters that work well in a variety of situation, but this is one comes close. I first saw it first showed up at my local dealer here in Richmond. Later when I saw one out of the warehouse and out on a ride I thought it was attractive and had impressive performance for a mid-size scoot. Not all of bikes in the video are really comparable in size or performance. The big wheel scooters have distinctively different handling properties than the small wheeled ones and I think it is not fair to try to compare the two. The test puts them all through the same paces on a closed track. .

This week’s scooter web picks

  • An English site named Punks in Parkas and is authored by Stu who started scooting back in the 80’s.
  • A website that is all about the Vespa GS. Clinton will jump start your search, talking about what to look for in a restoration project scoot and what you will be facing when you start into the restoration.

Music for this show is from the Pod safe music network and features  Leaving Town Blues Matt Thorpe , Novelty Act The Eisenhowers and Bohemian Financial Rhapsody Geoff Smith

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  1. Harvey says:

    Hi Dave:

    my wife & I were in Vietnam this summer and I was surprised by the number of Sym Fiddles there. They weren’t as common as the Honda super cub and clones, but they were a stronger presence than Kymco (which I expected to more popular).

    from Ottawa

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