The Mother Ship is Down but Episode 82 is Up


I got the blue screen of death last week when I went to power up my main computer. I was trying to think green and powered it down for the first time in months. It is still down, so I turned to my laptop to produce this week’s podcast (sorry about the audio quality). I have gotten a few comments and emails about using the scooter forums and on the show talked about my point of view.

In the spirit of open communication most of the forums are very lightly moderated. This means you get all kinds of information and feedback, sometime very critical feedback. Don’t you love the ones that end with “you suck, die you idiot”. So who do I believe? I always suggest that you first develop friendships in your local scooter community. This is a significant for me to say, because I tend to be a real loner. But you need these contacts with people you can trust. I like the web and count on my internet friends, but it doesn’t take the place of sitting down with someone while you are stripping an engine.

As for the other big question, “do buy local or buy on the web?” I say, it depends. Since I have a local scooter shop I know from experience that I can trust their recommendations. I also know what they can’t do for me. Around here, it can take forever to get some things done or to get parts, so I have gotten comfortable in going to the web for things I know I can’t get locally. The trick is you must know your own scoot, do your research before you buy and never spend more on an internet purchase than you can afford to loose.

Scooter Web Picks

Music for this show is from the Pod safe music network. Featured are Kick and Holler by Dare Dukes and Keep Movin Jaik Miller Band

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