Episode 48 – Scooter Meltdown, But There Is Hope


Show notes: If you have been listening to the show for any length of time, you have heard me talk about my three Vespa beauties. My first is a 1981 P200e with a sidecar. It is still my main ride and is always a eye catcher because it has a California sidecar. Another is my classic 1965 Vespa 180ss, a Red Italian beauty that I pamper, that sleeps under a blanket, the one that gets a gentle soapy sponge bath, never the direct spray of the hose. An then there is my little ’67 150 Sprint, which I finally will say, “yes I ride the ….. out it”. I’m sure you know the riding technique, crank it wide open and see if you can get just a few more miles per hour out of her. Although I have mentioned it in passing a few times, I have tried not to bring too much attention to the fact that my Sprint is one of those…yes you know what I mean, dare I even say it? A Vietnamese import. She came to this country as a refugee almost 10 years ago, just when the first bikes were making their way from overseas. It wasn’t easy to get her through customs, but she made her way to Denver and lived for a time in Texas with me, until I brought her to the east coast. She is a long way from home.

I was a bit stunned this past week, when on one of the scooter forums a member wrote about wanting to buy such an Asian scooter. There was more that one response, but the first was most telling, it said “YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE”. I thought, oh my god, that could be me, am I going to have to remain hidden, live with the secret and shame that at one point in my life, I too was an uninformed neophyte? But then again, not everyone is so judgmental. I have delayed the show for a couple of days so I could report to you on the findings of diagnostic Dave, my local scooter mechanic. He and Chelsea at ScootRichmond have always been supporters of the show and even in my current state of scooter embarrassment for having over taxed the little girl, they have never made me feel stupid. Thanks to both of them. Check the podcast for a report on the current state of my bike. I think you will enjoy the phone call and the good natured ribbing Chelsea gives me and I give myself for living on the edge, with this illegal alien scooter.

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